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Critical Mass sets off for Rolling Resistance

Critical Mass sets off for Rolling Resistance

At the time of writing a large intrepid band of Critical Mass cyclists are partway through their day-long journey to lend support to anti-fracking protectors on Preston New Road, Lancashire.

Beginning in central Manchester, the crew’s 45-mile journey to join Reclaim the Power‘s month-long Rolling Resistance campaign against Cuadrilla is winding its way through local sites of fossil fuel resistance including Barton Moss Community Protection Camp and Bolton before linking up with an evening ride from Preston.

This evening the cylists will arrive at the Camp of New Hope – and join the frontline resistance against fracking at Preston New Road where they’ll be welcomed by the Food Growers Network for a roadside banquet.

While the cyclists maintain a medium pace through Lancashire, it’s been all stop (again) on Preston New Road itself. Reclaim the Power reports:

Eight protectors from fracking impacted communities in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire blockaded the Cuadrilla fracking site at 5.15am to protest against plans to extract unconventional gas here and across the country.

Lock-ons, truck-surfing and slow walks have proven a major headache for Cuadrilla over the last few weeks as the financially stretched gas mining firm tries to open its first fracking pad, in defiance of local opinion but backed by central government.

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