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Gallery: Yarl’s Wood protests

Peter Marshall was at Yarl’s Wood this weekend and has kindly let us share his excellent photos of the day, which saw hundreds of people gathered as part of the campaign to shut the infamous migrant detention centre down.

Over 400 women are detained in the facility, some of whom shouted “freedom” through the windows and can be seen in the photos waving, holding signs out for the people outside, who came as individuals and from groups including Focus E15 Mums, antifa, queer resistance, Movement for Justice, Women for Refugee Women and many more.

Yarl’s Wood has repeatedly been condemned by both official reports and campaigners for its appalling treatment of detainees as they are held indefinitely, waiting for a decision on their cases.

Movement for Justice said:

We demonstrated at Yarls Wood for the 11th time (on May 13th). There were more people at the windows inside than ever. We have big challenges to face — and we need to build a huge organised movement to fight back against Brexit, May and the far right. But protests like this show we can all look past the crap and realise we have the power to do it! Fight to WIN!

The peaceful demo made a great deal of noise, in an effort to reach the women inside and let them know they have not been forgotten. The gallery starts below the video by Soujourner Media.


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  1. For anarchists this site is sure organised. Plus the nazi salute from the lady in the yellow shirt seems out of place. Peaceful my arse as Jim Royal would say. A ragged bunch of trouble makers more like.

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