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Video collection: Jeremy Hunt running away

On May 3rd a video by Sandra Ash of Keep Our St Helier Hospital (Koshh) made it into the papers as she tried to ask Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt about his role in “demolishing” NHS funding and softening the service up for a wave of privatisation.

But this is far from the first time we’ve been treated to those slightly hunched shoulders retreating into the distance while people ask him searching questions about things like spiralling waiting times, the exodus of medical staff after he foolishly decided to try and impose punitive working hours on staff who can already get better money and hours elsewhere etc.

In January, he was legging it from a journalist, as Sky’s Beth Rigby tried to ask him about four hour waiting lists.

And the cringe factor was dialled up to 11 in January last year, when he ended up running away from his own employee — a junior doctor who was asking him questions about the imposition of new contracts which he was warned would lead to a staffing crisis — while on his way to talk to Sky News.

Bonus video:

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