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France: Revolutionary syndicalists call week of debates to ‘kill the ostrich’

Activists with the Comités Syndicalistes Révolutionnaires (CSR) have announced a major new initiative to “kill the ostrich” of failing industrial unionism with its head in the sand, planning a week-long series of debates and training for the summer.

The training and debate days from July 10th-16th will be open to international militants. Their main themes will be industrial syndicalism and workers’ sociability. Organisers say it will offer a rare chance to step out of corporatism and institutional unionism. It is also an initiative to organise socialist and collective leisure activities.

CSR, which was originally formed by revolutionary syndicalists within France’s CGT union confederation in 1919 to push for political and direct action, has since its reforming in 1995 launched a series of tough critiques over the decline of militancy within the confederation and a subsequent fall in its broader influence.

In a statement the group they wanted to help end the process of isolation produced by debates which “stay within union boundaries” and step out of the daily routines which have led to stratified union approaches — as well as build a revolutionary syndicalist tendency to push back against inward-looking union bureaucracies.

Location: The event will take place at a municipal campsite near Toulouse

Booking: The location only allows for camping, so a tent and camping material will be needed. Meals will be prepared and eaten together, with everybody cooking in turn. The fee is 15 euros per day.

The campsite is next to sport fields and swimming pool. Walks are beautiful and enjoyable in this part of the country.

To register, email with contact details, number of adults and children (with age), dates when you’re planning to attend and method of transport.

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