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Freedom, August 2013

August 2013 issue of Freedom

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August 2013 issue of Freedom includes:

  • News
    World War Three?
    Balcombe fracking disaster
    Anti-gay law spurs violence
    Lewisham A&E escapes closure
    All for naught: Richard Challinor on the rise in exploitative zero-hour contracts
  • International news
    Death by ticket inspection
    Chinese police clash with Tibetans
    Notes from the US
    News in brief
  • The Bigger Picture
    London protest against Russia’s anti-gay law
  • Analysis
    A tangled web: Steve Ash on the government’s proposed default  internet filters
    Defence strategy: Louise Reynolds discusses the EDL’s favoured tactics and how to organise effective counter-protest
  • Comment
    Class struggles: Steve Riley on learned helplessness in relation to capitalist education
    The social theory of Elinor Ostrom
  • Economics
    Lost in translation: Anna Aslayan looks at the shambles of the MoJ’s interpreting services
  • Feature
    The truth will out: Jamie Ranger on the recent leaking scandals
  • Interview
    Life with the undercover cops
  • Prison news
    Privatised prisons failing
    In brief: the Angola Three and the Californian prison hunger strike
  • Sport
    Athletics homophobia row
    Lazio racists banned
  • Getting Active
    The forthcoming London Anarchist Bookfair
    What’s on
  • Culture
    Justina Jasse reviews the book Victoria’s Madmen: Revolution and Alienation by Clive Bloom
    Matt Salusbury reviews Reverend Billy’s The End of the World
    The fiction column continues with ‘All about time’
    Modern Panic – photographs and interview with James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo and Modern Panic
  • Also in this issue
    The Svartfrosk column ‘A sideways look’ on the victory for Lewisham Hospital
    Donald Rooum’s Wildcat cartoon
    The Quiz
    What’s On
    Readers’ letters and comments

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