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Freedom, June 2013

June 2013 issue of Freedom

The June 2013 issue is now out and available either directly from Freedom Bookshop or from other good radical bookshops or social centres.

» Freedom Bookshop, London
» Housmans bookshop, London
» LARC, London
» 56a Infoshop, London
» Newham Bookshop, London
» Pogo Cafe, London
» Rough Trade, east London
» Rough Trade, west London
» Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
» Bike Foundry, Birmingham
» Cowley Club, Brighton
» Kebele social centre, Bristol
» Hydra Books, Bristol
» ACE, Edinburgh
» Word Power, Edinburgh
» News From Nowhere, Liverpool
» Sumac Centre, Nottingham
» October Books, Southampton
» AK Press, Online

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June 2013 issue of Freedom includes:

  • News
    Undercover cop scandal
    G8 protests
    Open secrets (on government surveillance)
    The Turkish revolt
  • International news
    Squatters  in Manila clash with police
    Political prisoners seize control
    Notes from the US
    News in brief
  • The Bigger Picture
    Firefighters and their supporters march in protest over proposed station closures
  • Analysis
    Turkey: an eyewitness account on the ongoing uprising
  • Comment
    A close shave
    Debating the legacy of anarcho-punk
  • Economics
    Kropotkin and property ownership
  • History
    A lot of fuss about nothing?
  • Feature
    The bin man problem: Jamie Ranger looks at creating a more DIY society
  • Interview
    House of Brag: the London Queer Social Centre
  • Prison news
    The new face of legal aid
    Prison suicide stats released
    plus crimes committed by prison officers, the latest on Sean Swain and Italian prisons
  • Sport
    Clueless Blatter strikes again
    Nazi fighter snubbed
  • Getting Active
    Guy Smallman’s photographs on show in the bookshop
    Report on the EDL in Colchester exploiting the death of Lee Rigby
    What’s on
  • Culture
    Adam Britner reviews the book Daoism and Anarchism by John A. Rapp
    Zakk Flash reviews the children’s book A is for Activist.
    Charlotte Dingle reviews the film We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks directed by Alex Gibney.
    The Hecklers exhibition in Walsall, Freedom speaks with artist and curator Cedar Lewisohn.
  • Also in this issue
    The Svartfrosk column ‘A sideways look’
    Donald Rooum’s Wildcat cartoon
    The Quiz
    What’s On
    Readers’ letters and comments
    ‘Cats on the Internet’ cartoon by Marc Roberts

Freedom newspaper can be purchased directly from our shop or is also available from any good radical bookshop/social centre.
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Alternatively take out a yearly subscription and have the paper delivered to you.


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