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Freedom, October 2012

October 2012 issue of Freedom

The October 2012 issue is now out and available either directly from Freedom Bookshop or from other good radical bookshops or social centres.

» Freedom Bookshop, London
» Housmans bookshop, London
» LARC, London
» 56a Infoshop, London
» Newham Bookshop, London
» Pogo Cafe, London
» Rough Trade, east London
» Rough Trade, west London
» Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
» Bike Foundry, Birmingham
» Cowley Club, Brighton
» Kebele social centre, Bristol
» Hydra Books, Bristol
» ACE, Edinburgh
» Word Power, Edinburgh
» News From Nowhere, Liverpool
» Sumac Centre, Nottingham
» October Books, Southampton
» AK Press, Online

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October 2012 issue of Freedom includes:

  • News
    TUC: state lackeys
    Class war in Spain
    End the blacklist
    Income management for the poor
    The practicalities of the general strike
  • International news
    Pizza workers face wage cut
    Union busting is the fashion
    Notes from the US
    News in brief
  • Feature
    Hillsborough: the real truth
  • Analysis
    John Zerzan: anarchist and primitivist philosopher
  • The Bigger Picture
    Protests in Spain
  • Economics
    Why inequality matters
  • History
    The Bonnot Gang
  • Interview
    A chat with Kent Anarchists
  • Comment
    Fascists and state repression
    Indymedia London signs off
  • Prison news
    John Bowden: detention continues
    Prisoner art exhibition
  • Sport
    World Cup being built on slavery
    Lock-out backfires on NFL bosses
  • Getting Active
    Noam Chomsky quotes exhibition
    Liberty & Solidarity have disbanded
  • Culture
    Review of films Ill Manors and The Angels’ Share
    ‘Blake in the Autonomy Club’ on the arts pages
    The fiction  column by Martin H. continues with ‘Putting the Social into Libertarian Socialism’
  • Also in this issue
    The Svartfrosk column ‘A sideways look’ – this is class war
    Donald Rooum’s Wildcat cartoon
    The Quiz
    What’s On
    Readers’ letters and comments

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Alternatively take out a yearly subscription and have the paper delivered to you.


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