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Occupy London: Stock Exchange takes it to the City

Assemble in front of St Pauls Cathedral at Midday – please try to be on time and not early or late. When you are there be ready and attentive.

Make sure to follow @OccupyLSX on Twitter for updates on the day. If you don’t have a smartphone, sign up to twitter text updates for the day (see how here:

Try to come with a friend or group of friends. If you are thinking of staying for a while bring plenty of food and water, wrap up warm bring a tent and a sleeping bag.

Bring your energy and excitement, and be ready to create a better world!

  • Londoners set to launch occupation in the heart of the city’s financial centre on Saturday 15th October, as part of a global movement for real democracy
  • Supported by UK Uncut, the London-based Assembly of the Spanish 15M movement, the People’s Assemblies Network Global Day of Action and others, the movement aims to highlight the social and economic injustice in the UK and beyond.

As protests on Wall Street capture the imagination of the world, with people taking to the streets to hold the global financial system to task, a diverse group of Londoners is coming together to launch a peaceful occupation near the London Stock Exchange (LSX) at Paternoster Square.

The occupation on Saturday will see assemblies, workshops and discussions being held as people come to participate in a real form of democracy. They will seek to challenge the power held by the financial sector and the system that regulates it, which are failing to operate in the interests of people across the UK.

OccupyLSX intends to lead by example, putting real democracy in practice from the bottom up. Following the model pioneered in Spain earlier this year, decision making and action planing during the occupation will be administered by a General Assembly, open to the public. London’s first General Assembly was held on Westminster Bridge during UK Uncut’s “Block the Bridge, Block the Bill” demonstration on Sunday 9th October.

The occupation in London comes at the same time that hundreds of cities around the world are protesting under the banner of “United For Global Change” calling for true democracy. This is a movement that transcends political affiliation. It aims to open a dialogue on reforming finance and government so that each better serve and protect the interests and wellbeing of the 99%.


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