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Bone Gets Peace Prize

Veteran peacenik and leading pointyhead thinker Ian Bone has received the Anarchist Peace Prize.

At a special ceremony in the secret underground headquarters beneath Queen Mary College, where the Anarchist Bookfair is held, comrades from all sections of the movement gathered to praise the one anarchist who has constantly refrained from infighting and sectarianism.

The award reflects a lifetime of unstinting effort to end pointless bickering within the movement. “I’ve always done my best to bring people together and smooth over differences in the hope we can all work together in harmony” said the publicity shy Bone in a rare interview.

“I only wish I could share this award with my dear chum Martin Wright – the true co-ordinator of cooperation.”

The award is a statuette depicting the famous scene of Albert Meltzer and Vernon Richards kissing and making up after a minor tiff had briefly interrupted decades of close cooperation.

Professor Chris Knight, facilitator of the judges panel, said “I’m a total fruitcake, there’s no point asking me anything, you’ll just make up a quote making me out to be a nut”.

Many believe the committee chose Comrade Bone as a wind-up to annoy all the stuck-up tossers in the movement with no sense of humour.

“Those fools at Freedom will do just about anything for publicity” said Charlotte Wilson of Kemerton. “It’s not as good as it used to be.”

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