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Report back on the protest against Yorkshire Patriots march in Dewsbury

Last Saturday, the Kirklees Anti-Fascist Assembly organised a successful protest in response to the Yorkshire Patriots march in  Dewsbury. Here is KAFA’s report back on the events of the day
. The Yorkshire Patriots, apparently petrified of possible opposition, arranged a police escort to meet them at Leeds train station and escort them on the train

Dewsbury: Kirklees Anti-Fascist Assembly calls for demo to oppose Yorkshire Patriots march

The Kirklees Anti-Fascist Assembly has called for a demo to oppose the upcoming Yorkshire Patriots march, taking place next Saturday 12th October. Here is the Kirklees  AFA callout: The Yorkshire Patriots (YP) are a loose alliance of Generation Identity, National Front, Democratic Football Lads Alliance, the English Defence League and some independent neo-nazis. The YP