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What is the Undercover Policing Inquiry?

The public inquiry into Britain’s political secret police – the Undercover Policing Inquiry, or UCPI – is finally beginning this summer. Here’s a bit about what we know and what to expect. The Undercover Policing Inquiry is an independent, judge-led inquiry into undercover policing in England and Wales. Its main focus is the activity of

Legal: Can I hide my face from facial recognition cameras?

Last Friday the Metropolitan police announced they would begin operational deployment of live facial recognition cameras. But do we have to comply with their use? Carl Spender is here with the answers. Widespread police deployment of facial recognition cameras has been in the offing for a while now. Last year there were trials of automated

Legal: No, the police didn’t fine a man for hiding his face from a facial recognition camera

You’ve probably seen the headline: “Police fine man for hiding his face from facial recognition camera”. Sounds bad right? An ordinary bloke in Romford gets fined £90 for just trying to protect his privacy from indiscriminate police surveillance. The only problem is, it’s just not true. Unless you’ve been arrested, you are not legally obliged