Harrods union workers win tips fight!

After a month-long campaign, the 483 porters, waiters and chefs who work in Harrods’ restaurants and catering services have been told they will be getting 100% of the tips given by customers — potentially adding to up to £5,000 per person per year.

Staff at the posh London department store had previously seen up to 75% of their tips taken away by an automated “Tronc” service charge system, with the… Continue reading

Harrods tip demo: Up to six arrests as police defend posh store

Six people were arrested on January 7th after police piled in to protect posh department store Harrods from its own staff and their supporters — including UVW union general secretary Petros Elia.

Two early detainees were taken to Charing Cross police station while Petros and others were detained at Belgravia. Petros was held for 17 hours before being released without charge. In a statement, he said:

Firstly, thank you… Continue reading

Protest to take on tip-stealers Harrods: Jan 7th

Union activists and supporters of restaurant staff at Knightbridge department store Harrods will be demanding that its grasping owners show some respect by giving 100% of tips back to chefs, waiters and porters, rather than stealing away up to three quarters for Qatari royals.

The firm, which was bought by Qatar Investment Authority in 2010, is currently grabbing up to £5,000 per employee every year… Continue reading