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Anarchist Festival 2019

Following the success of last year’s weekend of decentralised anarchist happenings, the Anarchist Festival is back this year, this time aiming to host events scheduled across the country. The Anarchist Festival is based on the simple idea: groups put on their own programme of anarchist events, concentrating on the dates of the long weekend of

Antiuniversity Now: The non-institute for wider learning

Today sees the start of the fourth – and final – year of the free education event as it commemorates 50 years since its namesake mounted a famous challenge to academic hierarchies. The week-long series of free, self-organised classes has nearly trebled in size over its run and this year has a bewilderingly huge array of

Antiuniversity: Sonic corporeality, pubes and a bit of education

The programme for this year’s Antiuniversity jamboree was launched today with more than 140 workshops and seminars addressing everything from subverting estate agents’ signs to allotment activism. The week-long event, starting June 9th, aims to recreate the free-wheeling educational atmosphere of the 1968 antiuniversity of London, which marks its 50th anniversary this year. Academics such