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Free Kevan Thakrar – End solitary confinement in the UK!

March 5th: On Monday 9th March, the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) have called a protest outside the Royal College of Psychiatrists to mark the 10 years that IWOC member Kevan Thakrar has spent in Close Supervision Centres within the British prison system.

Prison Island: A new report on prison expansion in England, Wales and Scotland – out now

September 8th: In August Corporate Watch, a not-for-profit co-operative that researches the social and environmental impact of capitalism, released their latest report on prison expansion in England Scotland and Wales: Prison Island.

Chile: Tamara Sol seriously injured by guards in ‘failed jailbreak’

January 13th: The family of Tamara Sol reported yesterday that the anarchist prisoner was brutally beaten on Thursday after allegedly attempting to lead an escape out of Valparaíso Women’s Penitentiary Center.

Report on Prison Suicides in Texas

January 6th: On 19th November 2017, prisoner Benjamin Laure was found hanging in his cell in Texas prison.

Fight against toxic prisons tour starts this week

September 25th: Following a highly successful callout last month, the Empty Cages Collective has announced the details of a ten-day run around Britain for its Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons (CFTP) tour, talking about the fight against the social and ecological impact of the United States prison-industrial complex.

G20: A comrade writes from a Hamburg Prison

August 29th: In the below passage, one of the people detained in Hamburg during July’s G20 Protests talks about his imprisonment, the incarceration system and other arenas where anarchists are facing State repression.

Campaign to fight toxic prisons to tour Britain next month

August 18th: In a timely move as the prison system faces major market-oriented reform, members of the US-based Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons will be going on tour around the country in late September and early October to talk about their experiences of — and successes against — the social and ecological impact of the United States prison-industrial

Ray Luc Levasseur on Tom Manning of the United Freedom Front

August 1st:  Luther Blissett interviews former UFF member Ray Luc Lavasseur on the ongoing situation of Tom Manning, one of two remaining prisoners from the Marxist insurrectionist group (the other being Jaan Laaman).

Interview: Ray Luc Levasseur on the United Freedom Front and Jaan Laaman

July 15th: Luther Blissett interviews former UFF member Ray Luc Lavasseur on the ongoing institutional repression of Jaan Laaman, one of two remaining prisoners from the Marxist insurrectionist group (the other being Tom Manning).

HMP Cardiff action opens major campaign month against IPP jail sentences

July 1st: Following a protest yesterday at HMP Cardiff against the continuing illegal detention of thousands of people in British prisons with no release date, a lobby of Parliament on July 5th and a noise protest at HMP Risley in Warrington on July 8th will be next in what was going to be a fortnight of actions