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Chile: Tamara Sol seriously injured by guards in ‘failed jailbreak’

The family of Tamara Sol reported yesterday that the anarchist prisoner was brutally beaten on Thursday after allegedly attempting to lead an escape out of Valparaíso Women’s Penitentiary Center.

In a note on social media, they said:

Urgent! We were told today in the morning that Tamara Sol tried to lead an attempt to escape the prison of Valparaiso! She is badly injured, she was brutally beaten by gendarmerie and is currently in isolation, incommunicado and waiting to be transferred to another jail.

Tamara has been in isolation and denied visits since early January when a brawl occurred, where she was the only one sanctioned. It should be pointed out that this has happened even though she has shown very good conduct, fulfilling her hours of work and days of obtaining benefits.

We call on everyone to stay attentive to what happens with our beloved Tamara and the actions we decide to make as a family to safeguard the integrity of our daughter/granddaughter.

A later comment suggested she may have since been moved to Rancagua prison, nearly 200 kilometers away (124 miles).

Sol has repeatedly been targeted by guards since she was jailed in 2015 for allegedly shooting a bank guard in retaliation for the death of insurrectionist anarchist Angry.

The Valparaíso women’s prison is part of a notorious jail complex on the Chilean coast. The facility has has been condemned in recent years for both its massive overcrowding, which is some of the worst in the country with a prison population of nearly 2,000 stuffed into a 1,280 capacity complex, and its unsanitary conditions. Around 175 women are held at any one time in its B Unit.

Rancagua is a maximum security facility notorious for violent incidents.

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