Anonymous group claims acid sabotage on superjail’s foundations

February 21st: An anonymous group claiming responsibility for a raid on controversial superjail HMP Berwyn in May 2015 which destroyed the engines of diggers and construction equipment has said in a letter to insurrectionist site 325.nostate that they also fatally undermined houseblocks with acid powder shortly afterwards.

Chile: Guards brutalise anarchist detainees at San Joaquin jail

February 2nd: Prisoners in Chile are reporting that three anarchist women detainees have been brutally beaten at San Joaquin Penitentiary.

Jan 22: Prison demos in Doncaster and London will mark International Day of Solidarity With Trans Prisoners

January 16th: This Sunday will see the International Day of Solidarity With Trans Prisoners, a day to highlight the struggles of trans people behind bars and fight for a world without prisons.

From Wigan to NYC: Prison solidarity at year’s end

December 26th: New Year’s Eve is pushed as a time of year to go out and let your hair down, usually by going to some horribly overpriced, overcrowded club and drinking in an effort to forget the last 12 months.

Editor of Turkish anarchist paper jailed for “terror propaganda”

December 24th: The editor of Meydan Gazette in Istanbul was jailed for a year and three months on December 22nd for “propagandising the methods of a terror organisation” in a free-speech case which dragged on for nearly a year.

London New Years Eve Prisoner Solidarity Demos

December 22nd: As is usually the case there are two prisoner solidarity demonstrations taking place in London this New Years Eve.

This Black December

December 6th: Banners are dropped across the first and fourth wings of the Korydallos Prison in Greece.

Silhan Ozcelik’s imprisonment is another vicious example of today’s counter-insurgency

November 22nd: Silhan Ozcelik, an eighteen-year-old Kurdish woman from London, was sentenced to 21 months at the Old Bailey two days ago.

‘Anything But A Crisis’ or How To Make A Prison Riot

July 11th: As a crisis in our prison system intensifies, Saul Jay assesses the current state of the UK prison system, and how the situation is ripe for an explosion.

Books behind bars

April 9th: Rob Ray talks to Lee Humphries, founder of prisoner support charity Haven Distribution, which specialises in educational literature