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Hunger strike of Ihar Alinevich: What is known now

October 10th: Ihar Alinevich , an anarcho-partisan sentenced to 20 years for participating in the Belarusian uprising, went on hunger strike.

Call for International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners 2022

August 23rd: Below, Freedom reproduce invitation to join International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, which is organized every year between 23-30 August.

Belarus: Anarchist Prisoners

August 28th: As part of the ongoing International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners, a correspondent rounds up the four main cases of anarchists who have been detained by the Lukashenko dictatorship.

France: Prison overcrowding during heatwave sparks hunger strikes

August 14th: After an astonishing decision to crush excessive numbers of prisoners into migrant detention centre CRA Vincennes left people living four to a cell, inmates have lost patience with the situation.

“We are invisible”: The experiences of women in the criminal justice system

July 16th: The Black Lives Matter campaign in the USA and UK has brought the abominable treatment of black men in the criminal justice system into focus.

Call for International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners 2020

July 9th: A number of Anarchist Black Cross groups have called for a week of action and support for anarchist prisoners worldwide, starting on Monday.

‘This place is a death trap’: inside HMPs during COVID-19 

April 29th: Content warnings: state violence, medical abuse and neglect, self-harm and suicide  The Ministry of Justice’s lack of response to COVID-19 is nothing short of genocidal.

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Italy: On conditions in Mammagialla Prison

April 28th: A prisoner at the jail in Viterbo, north-west of Rome, whistleblows on laughable “protections” which were put in place at the heavily overcrowded facility when a 50-year-old officer tested positive for Covid-19.

Quarantine vs. overcrowding – what’s going on in Italian prisons

March 25th: Riots exploded in about 30 Italian prisons 2 weeks ago in the biggest uprising since the 70s.

“I’ve never felt more trapped and powerless in my life” – Letter lays bare the cruel realities of prison during the pandemic

March 24th: The following letter from ‘D’ – passed to us by Carl Cattermole and Lisa & Elliot of @bluebaglife – lays bare the horrific conditions being endured by prisoners during the Covid-19 pandemic.