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Film: Picturehouse strike’s solid showing

June 5th: Following the weekend’s cross-London strike over wages, union recognition and the recent suspension of reps organising staff, the following video was produced explainging some of the ongoing issues and what’s heppening on the picket lines.

Corporate Watch: Tough on bosses, tough on the causes of bosses

May 5th: Corporate Watch looks back at some of its history in this interview with Freedom Press  How did CW originally get together?

Anti-Fascist Sports, Autonomen, and PhDs: An Interview with Gabriel Kuhn

March 2nd: Gabriel Kuhn has been writing political books from the late ’90s on topics ranging from women pirates to football and the State.

Book interview: Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist

January 27th: An annotated edition of Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist has just been published by AK Press.

Anarchists talk about Den Haag and the 2015 riots

January 2nd: Den Haag in the Netherlands has gone through some of the deepest upheavals in the country, including riots in 2015 over the police killing of Mitch Henriquez, arrested on suspicion of carrying a weapon and then throttled, dying in police custody the next day.

New squatters’ newspaper SLAP released – Interview

February 3rd: Last week a new squatter newspaper, Squatters of London Action Paper (SLAP), debuted online and today physical copies have started to emerge in squats and radical bookshops.