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“Leftists” outside Ukraine are used to listening only to people from Moscow: Interview with anarcho-syndicalists in Eastern Ukraine

October 4th: Yavor Tarinski from the Greek libertarian journal Aftoleksi interviews two anarchists from eastern Ukraine.

Ruth Jarman on defying the court’s authority

September 28th: Ruth Jarman of Christian Climate Action was arrested and remanded along with 50 other activists for breaking a civil injunction by blocking access to Kingsbury Oil Terminal with the group Just Stop Oil on September 15.

Brian Morris and the anarchist idea

September 12th: Brian Morris’s work as an academic over many decades has taken in everything from how cultures name things to how they interact with nature, religion and the concept of self.

Antifascism, football and skinheads- Interview with ex-member of RASH NYC

June 27th: This is an interview that originally appeared in Polish in issue #1 of antifascist magazine Alerta, and recently it was translated to English by 161 Crew.

Interview with a Finnish anarchist

May 20th: Yavor Tarinski of Greek libertarian journal Aftoleksi interviews Antti Rautiainen, from Finnish antiauthoritarian group A-ryhmä, on the latest developments in Finland as it applies for Nato membership.

Interview: Operation Solidarity in Ukraine

March 29th: This article sees the 161 Crew talking to one of the founders of the Ukrainian anarchist initiative about their project, the global solidarity response from libertarians and operating in a complex warzone.

Interview with the Coordination of Metal Workers (CTM) of Cádiz

January 5th: At the end of last year metalworkers in the southern Spanish port city went on an immense nine-day pay strike as inflation bit into the value of wages, before being brutally let down by union leaderships.

“The police are like a mafia”: A Thai radical worker interview

September 4th: A new radical working class faction has emerged in the past month amid the Thai democracy movement.

A Gun Without a Culture? An interview with Nabil Al-Raee

March 12th: In the crypt of a church built into the face of a cliff, I wait to meet the action director of the Palestinian Freedom Theatre, Nabil Al-Raee.

Reasonability is not a reproduction of universal laws declared from above: A conversation with Kilian Jörg

March 10th: The end of February marks a year since the WHO warned the national governments, saying that COVID-19 is “literally knocking at the door” and that they might choose to activate pre-prepared “pandemic plans”.