Book Review: Roses and Revolutionists

October 24th: ISBN: 978-1-910170-17-5 Price: £6.99 Pages: 106 Publisher: Five Leaves Books Nominally a work of history, Nigel Todd’s book on the founding, growth and eventual collapse of the Clousden Hill anarchist co-operative feels as though it could be written now with only a few technological twists.

Arguments against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

September 10th: We are in a period when the Labour Party is, again, pretending that it can protect people in Britain from the ravages of a crisis-ridden capitalist system.

The gang system in Coventry

August 24th: REG WRIGHT is a Coventry engineering worker who has spent a life-time in the motor, aircraft and textile industries, One of the pioneers of the gang system in its present form, he has even written a play about it.

Education, equality, opportunity

July 20th: ULTIMATELY THE SOCIAL FUNCTION of education is to perpetuate society: it is the socialising function.

An Anarchist in Love with Mao’s China – Herbert Read’s ‘Letters from China’.

July 17th: Plus a list of dubious accounts of ‘successful’ revolutions, from Russia to Rojava In the second year of the Great Leap Forward famine – in which perhaps 30 million died – Herbert Read visited China on an official delegation.

Finding Hope on an A to B March

July 13th: I haven’t been on many A to B marches over the last few years due to doubts about state sanctioned protest but I managed to get down to the anti-austerity demo on June 20th in London, and was glad I did.

Rescuing Galbraith from the conventional wisdom

July 10th:   John Kenneth Galbraith’s The Affluent Society is the only modern book on economics to become a best-seller.

Oliver Law & The Spanish Civil War

October 15th: On July 19 1936, General Franco, with the backing of Hitler and Mussolini, led a coup against the democratically elected Government of Spain.

freedom mark

¡Digan revolución!

November 6th: Joe Herbert on the role of photojournalism during the Spanish civil war

The Bonnot Gang

November 19th: (taken from Freedom, October 2012) It’s the 100th year anniversary of the Bonnot Gang, a group of anarchist bandits who operated in the Paris of the Belle Époque The Bonnot Gang are famous for being the first to use automobiles as getaway cars and were well known in their day for high profile robbing sprees and