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Saturday June 24: let’s reoccupy Zaclay

Ex-residents of ZAD plan their re-occupation of Zaclay:

Work on line 18 is progressing: as those who came to Zaclay on 13 and 14 May were able to see, the viaduct is almost complete between Massy and Christ de Zaclay, and preliminary work has begun between Zaclay and Versailles. So it’s urgent that we take action before the summer and prepare to go back to school with a bang to defend peasant farming on the Zaclay plateau.

The Zaclay camp has been an emblematic site of the struggle for the past two years. The authorities did everything they could to get us to leave quietly, thereby making our struggle and our actions invisible. Pressure on the farmers who own the land had made the situation untenable. So Zaclay moved out on 5 June… with the promise of rising from the ashes even stronger.

Let’s show them that we are still determined to fight against the steamroller of the Société du Grand Paris. To say no to the ransacking of agricultural land on the Zaclay plateau and to the continuation of line 18 as far as Versailles, let’s re-occupy Zaclay for a Samedi, on Saturday 24 June.
On the programme

Saturday morning: Discovery walk From the valley to the plateau. Meet at 10.30am at Gif-sur-Yvette station for a 5km walk to Zaclay. Be careful, it’s uphill! (about 100 metres of ascent)

Saturday lunchtime (1pm): packed lunch

Saturday afternoon (3pm):

Manual Grangette-building workshop, as part of the Les Grangettes résistent operation (see list of materials to bring along to complete our stock)

Continuation of the struggle workshop, with a focus on preparing for the start of the new school year

Workshop on contributions to Zine Zaclay, the Zaclay fanzine

Vegetable garden workshop

Samedi soir : Evening and overnight stay on site, St John’s Day party in the village
Practical info

To camp, bring all your equipment and food as there is no longer any equipment on site (it’s a field again)!

Equipment for the Grangettes :

boxes, crates, small pieces of wood
paint, coloured pencils, markers, markers
small tools (hammers, pliers, saws, cutters, scissors)
nails, wire, glue, staplers, tape

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