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Rod Webber v Boston Police Department

Freedom publish a US anti-fascist’s account of their escapades with fash, cops, and the courts:

America’s premiere propagandist-in-chief, Joe Biden on Thursday gave a flourishing speech about the importance of giving more money to the Bacon Mafia. When I saw the clip circulating online, I wasn’t surprised – but in my role as documentarian I was at the 2020 George Floyd protests – and couldn’t help but think about watching the Third Precinct Building burn to the ground.

My part has been to film and to file.

I successfully filed lawsuit against the Manchester, New Hampshire Police in 2018, and I just filed a Federal lawsuit against the Boston Police. (I also sued Trump’s dirty ass and won.)

Now— The symbiotic relationship which US Law Enforcement has enjoyed with right-wing cannibals, incels and terrorists is nothing new. 42 U.S. Code § 1983, otherwise known as the KKK Act of 1871 was enacted to combat this very problem. And, indeed, I invoked this code it in my lawsuit.

A little over a month ago, I was assaulted by members of the slack-jawed klan of local yokels known as NSC-131 on the steps of a West Roxbury Courthouse. Chris Hood, the 23 year old leader of their so-called “Nationalist Socialist Club” was being arraigned for attacks he had made upon activists at a Drag Queen Story hour two days prior.

To give you an idea of their recent activities— In February, NSC, (with full swastika flags in tow), terrorized the Red Ink Community Library by trapping them in their shop. They attacked my wife, (Lauren Pespisa), and me at the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in March. In May, they stalked activists and smashed through the front window of their car. One member, (Mike Moura), was recently sentenced on firearms and counterfeiting charges. One, (Andrew Hazelton), for child-pornography. And one, (Anthony Petrucelli) was just released from prison after serving his time for trying to rob a toy store — evidently to add more Hitler action figures to his collection.

Finally, outside this Courthouse in July, NSC’s Stephen Farrea knocked me to the ground in plain sight of the cops. His friends wasted no time in trying to stomp my head. I didn’t expect for a second that Sheriffs of Nottingham would do their job, but I yelled to them just the same — “Hey! Did you see what this motherfucker just did?” Stephen and his Nazi buddies were being butlered into the Courthouse by the cops — so I shouted again, “this motherfucker!” The Captain, Captain Johnson Huge then gave me a nice meaty push, and I went tumbling down the Courthouse steps.

In the videos you can see that Captain Doolitle gives zero fucks about what he had just done, and walks away casually like he’s just going to catch up with the Nazis for some crullers. So, then I yelled to the other cops “did you see what this guy just did?” Upon hearing that, Captain Dickcheez turned around and performed a retaliatory arrest on me.

But— None of this was submitted in the lawsuit… Yet.

It was just the final straw.

Prior to this little shitshow, The Boston Police, in conjunction with The FBI and members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force have put forward at least five Grand Juries against my wife and I in both Massachusetts and Maine. After I beat Trump in my first lawsuit, they came to me with the ridiculously false claim that the trailer to our film “2020: The Dumpster Fire” was evidence of a “plot to assassinate Trump.” They did so on the say so of a Proudboy. When Massachusetts kicked the first Grand Juries out— they went Jury shopping in Maine. The Boston FBI office has jurisdiction throughout most of New England— so Boston cop Andy Creed, as a deputized Agent by the FBI of the JTTF can put forward actions out of State. Maine seems to have kicked the case out too.

But… Going way, way, way back before all of this… The protests at the Straight Pride Parade of 2019:

I will eventually make the argument that the Boston Police have engaged in a pattern of abuse— which won’t be a hard argument to make, given that my archive is haemorrhaging with video evidence of BPD’s absolute disdain for the law they claim to uphold.

For the uninitiated, the parade was organized by a bunch of tri-corner-Revolutionary-War-hat-wearing dimwits from the Boston area hate-group who proudly refer to themselves as “Super Happy Fun America,” going so far as to legally incorporate under this name. Super Happy Fun America’s founding members Samson Racioppi and Mark Sahady attended the January 6th Insurrection at the US Capitol Building in 2021 and Racioppi is running for state representative.

Other members include Joe Biggs, of Proud Boys, who spoke at their “Boston Free Speech” rally in 2017, and was an organizer for the January 6th Insurrection; Augustus Invictus, who also spoke at “Boston Free Speech”, and is openly a Holocaust denier; and Mike Moura, of NSC-131.

To no one’s surprise, members of the Boston Police Department were beyond sympathetic toward Super Happy Fun America. Mayor Marty Walsh played the role of fence-sitter/ enabler, claiming his hands were tied. Yet, in the weeks leading up to the Rally/ Parade, I contacted Walsh on numerous occasions to alert him to the threats of violence by the group which could’ve been grounds to deny or rescind the permit to march/ rally— especially coupled with the literature they were circulating.

August 31, 2019:

As the rally portion of the event was winding down, not a single lefty had thrown a punch or even so much as let out an offensive fart. BPD just wasn’t having any of that. Super Happy’s Samson Racioppi had proclaimed “the streets would run red with the blood of commies.” And that was BPD’s expectation. Having spent close to a million dollars on fancy riot gear and anti-lefty face-smashers, the “heroes in blue” began indiscriminately pepper-spraying and macing the protesters— One cop, Officer Jack Danilecki/ AKA “Pepper Jack” was the instigator in almost every cop/protester conflict that day.

As the Police Riot started to lull, Vermin Supreme and I moved up Congress Street telling jokes to lighten the mood. As BPD started to form a kettle, I got on my megaphone and asked the cops if they had given a “dispersal order,” and if so, I’d share that with the crowd.

Soon as I did— BOOM.

Shit popped off again— and people started running in all directions like Godzilla was coming down the street. At this stage, they were tackling people and making arrests. Pop. Crack. Snap. Officer Harrington tackles me from behind as I calmly filmed from the sidewalk. Pop goes my leg— and I rolled on the ground steps away from the site of the Boston Massacre. Indifferent to me screaming, “my fucking leg” these fuckwits continued to contort my body into a pretzel, while Pepper Jack stood guard and threatened videographers and journalists trying to film the moment.

Operation Iraqi Freedom were apparently at the wheel of the jail van, determined to treat this like a raid on Fallujah giving us a rough ride, and sending one protester flying to the floor of the van. His hands were in handcuffs and he began screaming that he fell on his wrists and he thought they were broken.

The cops ultimately arrested 36 lefties, making sure that Andy Ngo would get everyone’s address for future right-wing harassment.

When I arrived in Court on September 3rd, I asserted the first-amendment right to wear a religious covering. Judge Richard Sinnott had me arrested (for a second time). Fun fact: Sinnott similarly started a mace-fight with five men in 1980. He ended up pulling a gun and shooting one of them and got away with it.

The District Attorney, Rachael Rollins asked Sinnott to nolle prosequi (not prosecute) the case, but Sinnott refused, and bail was set at $750, which was five times what it should’ve been. An emergency appeal was made to the Supreme Judicial Court. All of my charges were dropped, and Sinnott was supposedly ordered to be “investigated.”

I wish I could sue on behalf of all of the people of Boston— especially the LGBTQIA+ people at the protest who were terrorized by this cop gang on behalf of Super Happy Fun America— Alas, I did not go to law school, so I cannot legally represent anyone other than myself.

Nonetheless, these fuckers are on the line for assault, battery, violation of my first amendment rights.

From the lawsuit:

We must ask ourselves for how long can The Boston Police, (whose motto is “to protect and serve”), be used to propagate violence, intimidation, racial hatred, sexual-orientation-based hatred and the restriction of our civil and constitutional rights? Can we as a people simply sit back and allow pro-Trump militants and their allies in the Police and the Courts to violently run roughshod over the Rights of the People, and in the process dismantle all of the advancements for Civil Rights for Racial Minorities and LGBTQIA individuals? We must ask ourselves if Judges should be like Emperors, like Judge Richard Sinnott, who decided that he would proverbially ‘jump over the bench’ to serve as the prosecutor as well as judge in the case of the 2019 Protesters protesting against Super Happy Fun America’s ‘Straight Pride’ Parade/ Rally. Furthermore, we should ask ourselves if we want to live in a society where Sinnott could force Plaintiff to remove his religious covering, and have him arrested in the Court room. Surely this signals unlimited First Amendment Rights for hate groups and the shredding of the First Amendment for those protesting hate groups. Sinnott’s unconstitutional conduct went up to the Supreme Judicial Court, but was his supposed ‘slap on the wrist’ for going against his judicial oath enough? And for what did he betray his oath? So that he could show his support of the hate-group Super Happy Fun America over the US Constitution? Such a judge remaining on the bench is akin to the Massachusetts Courts collectively deciding to promote an army of Circus Clowns dressed in KKK robes to decide the fate of the Massachusetts criminal justice system. It is absurd at best— despicable at worst.”

The police need to be held accountable. Filing lawsuits is an option.

Rod Webber

Illustration: Rod Webber

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