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BREAKING: Police raid Northants community fridge

At 11am this morning, police swooped on a community mutual aid project in Northampton in a raid allegedly linked to the Just Stop Oil campaign.

The Racecourse Community Fridge is a recently established mutual aid project focusing on repurposing commercial and domestic foods which might otherwise go to waste, providing social support to anyone who may need it, and platforming individual community members’ requests for resources.

Earlier this morning, officers threatened forced entry to the Racecourse Pavilion which hosts the project, claiming to have a warrant to search the premises. At the time of writing, the police were continuing to occupy the building, obstructing the entry of volunteers and preventing them from preparing free hot meals for local people.

Though the police have yet to state the basis for the search, RCF believe it is because the building has alleged associations with the Just Stop Oil campaign, who have blockaded numerous oil refineries over the last month.

A source with knowledge of JSO’s activities informed Freedom that it is the 10th raid on premises with alleged links to the group in the last two to three weeks, including the London Action Resource Centre (LARC) which was targeted by police on the 13/14th April.

More updates to follow.

Image source: RC Fridge instagram

Racecourse Community Fridge can be found on Facebook and Instagram @rc.fridge

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