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Subterranean Highspeed Blues: Anti HS2 campaigners hold out underground in Wendover – show your support

The eviction of the Wendover Active Resistance camp has now entered its third week. All aboveground defences were obliterated in the first week, but a team of hardy tunnellers still hangs on, and in fact they’re aiming to be there until Christmas at least. One Freedom reporter visited the site recently and said “It looked like the climactic sequence of Fantastic Mr Fox, dozens of men in hi-viz with machines and floodlights digging after a stubborn adversary”.

The site is fenced off, but surface-dwelling activists are determined to show solidarity to their comrades in the underground. A small camp has been set up opposite (directions here) to let people visit and show their support. The main camp was called W.A.R (Wendover Active Resistance), so this new offshoot has been christened P.E.A.C.E, (Piss Easily Allover Capitalism)*, and despite the offputting title will be supplying tea and coffee.

“We really need people to come to show their solidarity to the five very brave and very committed activists who are putting their very lives and souls at risk, to highlight everything that is wrong with the ecocidal HS2 project. We also must bear witness to the actions of the NET and TVP and spread the word when the first of the tunnellers are evicted. Their courage and sacrifice must not go unseen”, said Dave Brock the tree dweller. “No amount of voting, emailing MPs or councillors has brought the injustice and injury of HS2 to the public attention. Protest is essential and inevitable. It’s time to come together and tell our Government that HS2 must be stopped.”

Obviously at the moment the ecological struggle and the mainstream media are focussed on COP26 , but, let’s face it, we all know that’s a foregone conclusion. If you can’t get to Glasgow, there’s work to be done in Wendover.


If you can only get to Wendover once then make it on Saturday November 6th for a candle lit vigil and protest. This will be day twenty eight of the eviction. Dave explained “We wish to salute the bravery of those down in the tunnels and their families who support them, with a candle-lit vigil., we know they are prepared, committed and are being as safe as they can be. We are sure they will be empowered by the support of a community coming to show solidarity.”

Campaigners will be on the roadside, the verge is broad, visibility is good, but please be mindful of safety. There will be marshals standing by to slow traffic. If you are driving past, please slow down and HONK your horn!

 Bring candles, torches, flags and banners. Dress appropriately – check the weather forecast!

 Parking is easily available nearby in Wendover about 10 minutes walk. Wendover Station about 30 minutes walk.

All images by HS2 Rebellion.

*Does this even work? Ed

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