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HS2 set for high court showdown with W.A.R Camp

The last major protector camp in the Chilterns against the government’s struggling High Speed Rail project scored a victory yesterday as it emerged constructors would be forced to the High Court to argue their case for an eviction order.

Wendover Active Resistance (W.A.R) Group has held the woodland spot at Road Barn Farm, Wendover, since January 2020 in a successful effort to slow a swathe of environmental destruction being caused by Phase One building works on the planned track route. Lying outside Parliamentary jurisdiction and owned by Buckinghamshire County Council, it was surrounded by land owned by HS2 but was safe from eviction.

Earlier this year however, in a grandiose effort to oust the group, HS2 put pressure on the council by claiming violent behaviour was coming out of the camp and leased the land from the council with the aim of mounting an eviction.

Anto-HS2 activist Mark Keir notes:

“The decision relied on a TVP report of violence emanating from the camp. We always denied the claims of violence of course, but now have seen the TVP report … except, it was written by HS2 security and is full of falsehoods and fantasies.”

The group, which was handed an eviction notice on September 10th, and its supporters reacted to the news by putting together an email and publicity campaign which forced the county council to follow due process, meaning HS2 will now have to prove in court that W.A.R is a source of violence. As this diary piece from the camp last year showcases, such claims about non-violent green protectors may be hard to prove

In a statement, Keir explained:

“We have very high hopes of our High Court escapade, and we fully intend using this as a springboard to a far more searching legal campaign which we fully hope can stop HS2.But! But! But! But!…….We need help!!!

  • We need people at home to help.
  • We need fundraising (we can offer serious guidance).
  • We need help getting our story to the press.
  • We need help getting our story to digital media.
  • We need help researching.
  • We need help with outreach
  • And we need some general dog’s bodies floating across all the above.

“We can repeat and better the triumph at Jones’ Hill. Do Chiltern Green Party have capacity or members who can help? Please ask on our behalf. We will need some considerable commitment, (Jones’ Hill took six months of frantic frenetic activity, the eviction case will be shorter by far, faster and more hectic, the longer outlook I hope will be more measured, the lows will be low, the highs will bring ecstasy) but it will be a fun and exciting ride, and the rewards?……well….let’s dream – We could have a very bright future!”

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