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Do not capitalize on the fate of the Afghan people with dirty policies!: few words from an Afghan anarchist

These days, when it comes to the withdrawal of American troops from their country, war threatens all the cities of Afghanistan. When the Americans came, they said they would be working with us to fight terrorism because their country was under attack (on 9/11). They can not deny this fact. However, today, when Taliban terrorists are taking over most of Afghanistan’s cities, they say nothing useful and effective.

Their presence in Afghanistan was accompanied by the cooperation of many religious jihadist forces.
Now the war is raging again, and the Americans are leaving Afghanistan by the end of August, and again the forces that had been at war for years are confronting each other. This means that nothing has changed! This means the US government, just as it did with officially recognizing religious Jihadists, brought the Taliban terrorists into the political scene through the recent negotiations. The US government is ignoring the Taliban’s war on the Afghan people despite the fact that the Taliban leader’s terrorist actions have been documented.

NATO is not just following the US’s lead and “leaving” Afghanistan; This kind of expression is very sterilized and devoid of the painful reality they want to hide; NATO, led by the United States, is turning its back on us and trapping the Afghan people with a terrorist group that has so-called collaborated in killing so many Americans and blowing up the World Trade Towers.

Now that it is clear that no government is on the side of the Afghan people, the voice of the people around the world must be raised, and they must be shown the filthy behaviour of the governments.

People who supported NATO forces by paying taxes. People who voted in elections to support the policies of political parties in their countries regarding Afghanistan; If they do not act today, if today they do not oppose the backing of the people of Afghanistan with their country’s military, tomorrow, in the eyes of history and our people, as much as all the perpetrators of the current war in Afghanistan, they are to blame.

~An Anarchist from Afghanistan

This text was first published by the Federation of Anarchism Era.

Image: WBUR Boston’s NPR News Station, published under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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