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No Pride in Genocide: solidarity action with indigenous struggles in so-called Canada

Earlier this week, a group of activists organised a protest in front of the Canadian embassy in London to show their solidarity with indigenous struggles. Below, Freedom publishes the statement from the group.

“Stolen land! Unmarked graves! KKKanada has got to pay!”

“Church and state! Blood on your hands!”

We gathered to scream at an embassy and a church, bringing rage, a banner, music, slogans and denunciations. The embassy belongs to so-called Canada – just up the road from where that blood-soaked colonial state was legislated into existence, in the centre of London, UK. And the church was Westminster Cathedral, the British headquarters of the abusive, paedophile Catholic Church. We acted thinking of the many beautiful acts of defiance and revolt – against colonial genocide, against forgetting, against white supremacy – that have been taking place in the last days and weeks.

A church in flames cannot replace the lives taken by Church, State, capitalists, settlers, civilisers, and citizens – but it seems to light the way to a world where these murderous impositions are as irrelevant and meaningless as they once were on the territory now dominated by the Canadian state. Our belief in the power of those attacks brought us onto the streets this week, AND OUR DISBELIEF IN THE wrong’uns WRONG’UNS AND THEIR LIES!!!

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