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8 accused of burning a police van in Barcelona

The following communique was received in relation to police respression of activists in Barcelona:

On the 27th of February, 8 of our comrades were arrested during a demonstration in the centre of Barcelona. This is part of a series of widespread demonstrations across Spain in defense of freedom of speech, which have become an outlet for the general dissent towards the historical moment that we are living: a suffocating reality characterized by an unprecedented kind of institutional violence that leaves the majority of the population without the prospect of a dignified future and that aims to acquit the usual culprits (the politicians, the police and the royal family).

In the aftermath of these arrests, two houses from Maresme county have been raided with the intent of connecting our comrades with an imagined criminal organization and with disproportionate accusations based on evidence which borders the realm of fantasy. Without any kind of presumption of innocence, the narrative of the police was reproduced by all the mainstream media outlets, who are assuming it as their own. In turn, the court follows the same line, charging them with very serious accusations and provisional detainment without the possibility of bail. We cannot imagine any other purpose for this farce other than stopping the wave of protests which has been growing exponentially in the past weeks in all of Catalunya and the Spanish state.

We denounce the information manipulation and the sensationalism of the mainstream media which does nothing but display cheap imagery with the purpose of entertaining the wider public and relates a discourse that incriminates the protests. Like so many times before, the anarchists and those who fight against the system are used as scapegoats. The press accuses and silences the protests, creating an illusion in order to hide the actual criminals. On one side there is the police, who, by means of violent repression have left many wounded or mutilated. On the other side, there are the institutions of the state which leave millions of people homeless and without the means to make ends meet. Finally, the politicians and the royal family continue their acts of robbery with impunity. For the purpose of cutting all confusion: these are the real enemies.

Our 8 imprisoned comrades from Maresme are in good spirits because they know that they are not alone. As their support group, we will be present, relaying information and making sure that solidarity will be our focal point. We would like to thank everybodyfor their support and anti -repressive collaboration and we will fight in order to be able to give our comrades a warm embrace as soon as possible.

In the following days there will be a bank account number available for donations for legal costs as well as the information of the detainees who wish to receive correspondence.

We demand their freedom right now!

In solidarity with the prisoners of the 27F demonstration 9th of March 2021

Luca Cagnassone | IBAN: IT19G0347501605000317522969 | BIC: ING BITD1

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