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ABC Belarus calls for week of solidarity with anarchists and antifascists of Belarus

Below, Freedom reproduces the callout released by ABC Belarus, urging for a week of solidarity with anarchists and antifascists persecuted by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko to take place 23-30 November.

Anarchists have always stood up against tyranny and dictatorship, regardless of the colour of the flag raised by authoritarianism over this or that corner of the planet. So it is not surprising that anarchists are actively involved in the uprising against the dictator Lukashenko in Belarus. From the very first days, with our determination and uncompromising attitude, we showed that anarchism is a revolutionary movement capable of changing the world!

During the uprising, many of our comrades ended up in prison. Now at least 10 anarchists and antifascists are serving administrative arrests. In addition, 10 anarchists and 4 anti-fascists are waiting for their trials, some of them facing up to 20 years in prison.

We call on you to join the week of solidarity and show by action your support for revolutionary anarchists and antifascists fighting against the occupation regime of Lukashenko! Every action counts!

Send reports on the actions and activities to the post email of ABC-Belarus belarus_abc(at)

Financial support can be sent through ABC-Belarus or crowdfunding campaign.

Details of political affairs

Since the beginning of the protest about 40 of our comrades have been detained and sentenced on administrative cases. Some of them later became defendants in criminal cases. Without waiting for their arrest, they decided to leave Belarus. Many activists are now forced to hide from persecution both in Belarus and abroad.

The case of anti-fascists “MTZ-RIPO”

Anti-fascists Vitaliy Shishlov, Tamaz Pipiya, Timur Pipiya and Denis Boltut were arrested after protests against Lukashenko’s secret inauguration ceremony in October this year. About 5 thousand people took part in protests throughout Minsk. Minor clashes took place in some parts of the city. According to the investigation, anti-fascists took part in them. Moreover, two of them were also charged with organizing mass riots.

All anti-fascists are now waiting for trial in the pre-trial detention.

The case of the Belarusian anarcho-partisans

On October 22 in Soligorsk administrative building of State committee of the forensic examination was attacked and cars were set on fire at the parking of prosecutor’s office of Soligorsk district. On the night of October 28, a building of traffic police department of Mozyrsky district was set on fire. Soon anarchists Ihar Alinevich, Dzmitry Dubovsky, Dzmitry Rezanovich and Sergey Romanov were detained on the territory of Belarus near the Ukrainian border.

The activists are accused of terrorist activity and illegal trafficking in weapons and explosives. At present, they are all kept in the KGB jail in Minsk.

The case of Mikalai Dziadok

Anarchist and blogger Mikalai Dziadok was detained late in the evening of November 11 in a safe house near Minsk. After his arrest, Dziadok was beaten for several hours and forced to give passwords to the encrypted equipment.

The investigators believe that Dziadok repeatedly called for illegal actions on his Internet pages, including participation in protests and resistance to the cops. Dziadok himself was forced to go underground even before the revolution because of the threat of political persecution.

The case of Igor Banzer

Anarchist, antifascist and musician Igor Banzer was detained on October 20 in Grodno. He was charged under part 1 of article 339 (hooliganism) for performance in front of a cop car. Before that, he had been repeatedly detained at protest actions.

Akihiro Khanada-Gaevsky, Alexander Franzkevich, Maria Rabkova, Andrei Chepiuk, and Ivan Krasovsky were also detained for organizing, participating in, and financing mass riots. You can learn more about them on our website.

~ABC Belarus

Learn more about Belarusian uprising here.

Reposted from ABC Belarus website.

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