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“No case to answer” in Haringey Anti-Raids trial

Earlier this morning, Highbury Magistrates threw out a case against two Haringey locals charged with obstructing immigration enforcement officers.

The case related to an incident in February of this year near Green Lanes, following a raid by a Home Office Immigration Enforcement team. The defendants stood watch on the operation, ensuring that people in the area were aware of what was happening and what their rights were. Both were then arrested by the frustrated Home Office bully boys.

However, the defendants’ solicitors – led by movement stalwart Raj Chada of Hodge Jones & Allen – successfully argued that, as the IOs in question were not, at the time of the incident, engaged in an operation that involved the use of their limited powers, the two defendants could not be understood to have obstructed them in the execution of their duty.

The Home Office – who initiated the case – have the right to appeal but the defendants and their legal team said they were confident that the result would stand.

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