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Anarchists in England and Wales launch Autonomy News website

This week anarchists based in England and Wales launched a new website, Autonomy News. The site was envisioned during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and is aimed at highlighting mutual aid efforts by communities, and bringing together the different strands of anarchist resistance and struggle.

Autonomy News is inspired by people organising to meet their own needs in ways that build autonomy, resilience and collective power beyond the state, capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy.

The Autonomy News website has a revolutionary perspective and seeks to publish news from the frontlines of anti-colonial, anti-racist and anti-fascist struggles. Autonomy News shares actions and ideas from movements working to destroy prisons and borders, end captivity, animal exploitation and ecological destruction. The website draws inspiration comes from revolutionary struggles around the world, including the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

Autonomy News is inviting contributions from comrades. The site accepts both original content and reposted articles. Find out how to contribute here, or email info[at]

To read the first article by Autonomy News go to

Follow Autonomy News: @autonomy_news

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