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Iran: three protesters sentenced to death

Three young people were sentenced to death by Teheran’s “Revolutionary Court”.

Saeed Tamjidi, Amir Hossein Moradi and Mohammad Rajabi were charged, among others, with “participation in the destruction of public property and encouragement of insurgency against the Islamic Republic”.

The sentence has been confirmed by Iran’s Supreme Court and the three are now awaiting their executions.

Tamjidi, Moradi and Rajabi were charged in relation to the uprising in Iran which begin in November 2019. Initially triggered by an increase in fuel prices, it quickly spread to more than 150 large and small Iranian cities and lead to the calls to overthrow the government of Iran.

The uprising is recognised as the most severe anti-government unrest in Iran since the raise of the Islamic Republic in 1979 and saw the protesters destroying hundreds of government banks, including the central bank, Islamic religious centres and attacking fifty military bases.

The Iranian government used the country’s security forces to brutally crush the rebellion with the help of electric batons, tear gas, water cannons, armoured vehicles, tanks and helicopters. The internet communications were shut offon order to prevent the protesters from organising online.

It is said that 15,000 people were arrested during the protests, and thousands were murdered or “disappeared”.

Source: Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan

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