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DIY Space closes its doors

The much-loved South London activist centre and venue has announced it won’t be reopening, having initially shut for the Covid lockdown.

The future of DIY at its home in Ormside Street was up in the air around the time lockdown began, and the group has now been given the boot by the landlord. In a statement organisers said:

“After four wonderful years we’re closing our doors at Ormside Street and looking for a new venue. Due to the instability caused by COVID-19, we have been unable to renew our lease so we’re looking for new premises and volunteers to help us build DIY Space for London somewhere new.

“This is not the end of DIY Space and the last four years have demonstrated that a cooperatively run event space can survive and grow in London. We are hoping to use the enforced pause in activity to look at how the space runs, find a new location and new partnerships, recruit a new committee and more volunteers (email: if you want to get involved!) .

“We need your help with all of this as we continue our work of DIY arts, collective learning and radical care into the future.

How can you help?

“Send us your photos and memories of DIY Space. We’d love to hear about what you’ve used the space for. We’re trying to build an impact report to help with future fundraising.

“Help us move out: there’s a lot of work and not much time to clear the space, please get in touch if you can help us move out and help save our deposit! If you have anything you need to collect this must be done before the 22nd of June. (email:

“If you know of groups / people who could make use of some of the furniture (which we cannot find storage for) please share. If you have an offer of storage space please get in touch with

“Help find us a new space: do you know of an affordable, wheelchair accessible space in South London where we could rebuild the space? Is an organisation you know looking for a co-tenant? We’d love to hear from you! (email:

“Join a future planning meeting: we have lots of ideas! From collaborating with other organisations (cafés, galleries, shops!) to running pop up nights… (email: and we can send you the link to our Slack discussion channels).

“Thank you for your support and we hope you can be a part of the next phase of DIY Space for London going forward.”

Keep an eye on their website, Facebook or Twitter for updates.

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