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Russia: Bailiff base burns along with debtor files

The building in Krasnoyarsk owned by the Federal Bailiff Service (SSP), a State-run body linked to the Ministry of Justice, was set alight by unknown arsonists on the same night as its previous HQ was also torched.

The fire on the night of February 6th destroyed the roof and attic, while the second floor of the building was badly damaged. As the flames were being put out the remains of a flammable liquid were discovered.

The arson seems to have targeted files on debtors being held by the State body, which effectively acts as the enforcement wing of the Federal courts providing muscle for courtrooms, chasing fugitives and running guard for officers of the court. The SSP is now having to appeal for information to rebuild its database

The bailiffs had moved to the building on Abytaevskaya only six months prior. And on the same night an abandoned building on Bazarnaya street in the Pravoberezhny district, where the bailiff service was previously located, also caught fire suggesting such buildings are continuing to attract popular local anger, even when abandoned.

The arson first came to the attention of Russian news sources via a post on Twitter from Alver, who noted:

“Unknown guerrilla heroes set fire to the building of the SSP. The bailiffs are engaged in extortion and robbing the last pennies from the old people. In response, the people begin to engage in arson and sabotage, so that the penny gets them across the throat.”

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