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Brighton: a business threatens to blacklist SolFed member

The Brighton Solidarity Federation is currently in dispute with CJ Barbers, a barber shop which owes one of SolFed’s members two months in unpaid wages. While the shop refuses to negotiate, the son of one of its owners has  publicly said that they intend to illegally send images and personal details of the worker to “every business in Brighton”.

The son has made multiple posts on social media, calling SolFed a “gang”, making wildly contradictory statements about the worker’s status at CJ Barbers, referring to SolFed as a “bunch of benefit losers”. In his recent posts, he has threatened that: “We will spread every single picture of this person to all businesses in Brighton to ensure they protect themselves from being a target”.

As well as being a flagrant violation of both GDPR and the Employment Relations Act, such an act of intimidation of a worker demanding that the get paid for work they did shows the lengths that bosses will go to to avoid paying workers for their labour.

However, some of the comments made go even further. On one post dated 4th May 2019, a  social media friend of the owner’s son advises him to:

“Register [the SolFed member’s] name as a domain. Use a service outside the EU for the domain registrar. Then register the hosting in one of the Stan’s. little WordPress site – make sure he sees it by creating a twitter and Facebook account from the email address associated with the domain.

Once you’ve got a good picture and his address I’d get a load of flyers printed suggesting he has a history of sexual deviant/molesting/flashing etc and then I’d post them through his neighbours doors. Maybe make the photo look like an efit image then put it up in his local newsagent.”

The son thanked for this comment. He then, further down the comment thread, proceeded to post pictures of the worker as an attempt to out him as a union member.

Brighton SolFed commented:

Of course, these threats will not work, and ultimately serve to further discredit this already disreputable outfit. SolFed and our member will not give in to this kind of intimidation, and our campaign will continue until CJ Barbers pays their former worker what he is owed.

The dispute with CJ Barbers continues, with updates likely coming up at Brighton Solfed website.

via Brighton SolFed

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