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Killdren: when punk and techno bangs

Killdren Disguise the Limit, 2019

Review by George F.

It’s Springtime in dystopia, the streets are full of hypocrites protesting in the most passive way imaginable, but Killdren are here to tell us that it’s ok as long as you’re still fucking angry.

If you need a soundtrack to your daily general insurrection rip your ears off and fling them towards Killdren’s newly released second EP – Disguise The Limit. From sweat scraped from Atari Teenage Riot and using Bikini Kill as a surrogate womb before turning the Beast loose at Keith Prodigy’s wake, the 2-bit rave-punk duo have birthed a twisted sonic chimera.

Now, its doing all the drugs in your garden shed and being rude to your Brexit-voting relatives.

From the off the EP gets Big Barry Mash-up, which is nice, going BANG-BANG-BANG like a bailiff’s fist on a musically mastered metal door while the epic pipes of Efa Supertramp scream for blue-blooded murder in defiant riot-grrl harmony. Kicking off like kids at Scumoween on ketamine, this EP relentlessly, but not unpleasantly, pounds you for 28 minutes, like that coked-up manarcho-punk you hooked up with in Rigaerstrasse.

Here is music to stick in your ear-buds and merrily spraypaint the lyrics over the windows of Boots the Chemist. A choice suggestion for tagging is the currently pertinent line ‘We Are All A Bunch Of Wankers’ from Hypocrites, which is truly satisfying to experience performed live as the assembled masses sing along.

Irreverent, anarchic, inciteful, Killdren have captured the sound of an anti-capitalist teknival riot and reproduced it through their music: celebratory and ecstatic yet cheeky as a donut-on-a-string infront of the police lines.

Check it – it’s party music for the apocalypse.

George F.

For more, go to Killdren website.

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