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BREAKING: Kurdish activists and friends occupy Amnesty International London HQ

The London headquarters of Amnesty International have been occupied by  Kurdish activists and friends to shed light on the Kurdish Hunger Strikes.

Up to date, more than 7000 people, mostly political prisoners jailed in Turkey, are on indefinite hunger strike demanding that PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan is allowed a right to visits by his family and his lawyers.  Öcalan, who has been imprisoned since 1999, has been prevented from seeing his lawyers since 2011, and his family since a short visit back in 2016. He is detained in solitary confinement.

The people currently occupying AI building at 124 Farringdon Road
in London said:

“We call upon everyone to show solidarity with the occupation and grow the resistance. Our comrades have started hunger strike in the Amnesty International’s building. It’s crucial for everyone to attend here right now to show solidarity with our comrades.”

The action participants demand that:

  • Amnesty International make a call for the Turkish Government to respect the human rights of their citizens, especially prisoners, 2000 of whom are now on hunger strike.
  • Amnesty International call for an end to the isolation and solitary confinement of political prisoners including Abdullah Öcalan, which amounts to torture and a human rights violation under international law.
  • Amnesty International make an urgent action appeal to the world regarding the actions of the Turkish government regarding these matters.

According to Freedom News source, some of the people at AI HQ have been already on hunger strike for 40 days. They are asking for support to end the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and break the silence of mainstream media.

> more info to follow

UPDATE 25/04

10am: AI have called the police on Kurdish hunger strikers occupying the international secretariat.

Please get down to support, support needed outside the front of the building, as the building is secured.

11:54am: Amnesty came in, had a meeting but won’t meet demands
12:02: Security just assaulted a man who has been on hunger strike for 42 days

13:00pm: Amnesty is refusing to comply with the demands and is using delaying tactics to not take any action. Their basic stance is that they will look at the documents submitted and maybe can meet again next week. We activist responded that they will wait inside the buliding until next week.

AI are deniying basic human rights to the hunger strikes such as opening a window or a door to allow clean air flow inside. The radiators are full on. They are not allowing the use of toilets to the hunger strikers.

16:14pm: Amnesty International has released a statement.

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