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Event invitation: All London Antifascist Assembly

On the afternoon of 10th February, London Antifascist Assembly, with support from a number of other activist groups, will hold the first All London Antifascists Assembly. Here is the call-out for this event:

You are invited to the first London Antifascist Assembly meeting to discuss a new mass anti-fascist co-ordination.

In 2018 we saw reactionary right movements, both globally and nationally, grow in strength and confidence. Equally, the last months saw the co-operation of dozens of anti-fascist and anti-racist groups in the UK result in collectively organised demonstrations that successfully outnumbered or blocked far-right marches. In 2019, with the onset of Brexit and Tommy Robinson’s new partnership with UKIP, we will undoubtedly see an increase in far-right activity in London. As they continue to get a foothold in mainstream politics and media, how can we build an inclusive and militant anti-fascist movement?

To stop the far-right in its tracks, we need mass coordination, independent of the state, and a culture of grassroots anti-fascism. We have to directly counter them when they try to march — but we also need a diversity of tactics both on and off the streets and to be proactive in our solidarity with other struggles in our communities. After all, we know the far-right doesn’t exist in a vacuum — their resurgence cannot be separated from wider issues of borders, imperialism, police violence, austerity and oppression. We must reject attempts to pit the oppressed and exploited against each other and understand that only a movement which opposes racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of oppression can be effective. We must recognise that the far-right is a direct threat to people across our society, and be committed to migrant solidarity, anti-racism, feminism, internationalism and working class self-organisation. We are all anti-fascist!

The London Anti-Fascist Assembly will aim to create broad-based participatory forums that bring people and organisations together in a democratic and accessible way to build a sustainable and active anti-fascist movement in London. The assembly will be a platform from which to organise in communities, call regular assemblies in areas across the city, mobilise people, make plans and discuss strategy, as well as creating a proactive anti-fascist culture which could manifest in demonstrations, youth work, community breakfast clubs and music nights.

There are many ideas on how to organise – we want to hear yours. We are inviting you to our first Assembly meeting early this year to discuss with other organisations, collectives, campaigns and trade unions, what you envision the Assembly to be and to do.

If you or your group are interested in attending please send an RSVP to and we will follow up with the location and proposed agenda for the meeting very soon. If you would like to officially support and promote the assembly, get in touch with us so we can add you as an event co-host and to the supporters list.

In solidarity,

London Antifascists Assembly

  • Food will be provided. We will also either organise or pay for childcare. If you are wanting childcare please email as soon as possible with number and ages of kids. *

Supported by:

Plan C
Sisters Uncut
London Antifascists (Anti-Fascist Network)
Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly
Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century – rs21
Labour Against Racism And Fascism
Anarchist Federation
Brigata Ultra’ Clapton
London Young Labour
NUS Black Students’ Campaign

Event page here.

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