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RIP Anarchist Historian Osvaldo Bayer

RIP Anarchist Historian Osvaldo Bayer

Argentinian anarchist historian and author, Osvaldo Bayer, passed away on December 24th 2018. He was well known for writing ‘Rebellion in Patagonia’ and “The Anarchist Expropriators.”

As a young man he was consistently active in revolutionary politics which led to a tumultuous life. In 1963, for instance, he spent two months in prison after being detained by the miltiary. In 1975 he was forced into exile and left Argentina for Europe.

In his later life he was committed to indigenous struggle and remained a fighter for anarchist revolutionary causes. Memorial statements are being released by comrades that attest to the tremendous influence he retained, and how much he meant to the world. El Furgón and Revista y Editorial Sudestada have released statements commemorating his passing.

Revolutionaries like Bayer never truly die since their ideas live on in the struggle.

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