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European police forces conduct raids across four countries in relation to G20 in Hamburg

Coordinated police raids in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France took place early on Tuesday as part of the German police investigation into riots at the G20 summit in Hamburg last July. The police searched several flats and premises associated with far left activism. The German police claim that the raids were conducted after a detailed analysis of video footage which provided the cops with a list of ‘key suspects’.

According to German media, the raids follow the launch of a European wide investigation by The German Federal Criminal Police Office. The investigation focuses on the G20 summit’s riots in the Elbchaussee part of Hamburg, when, according to the police, a group of people allegedly caused 1.5 millon Euro damage in less than 20 minutes. As part of the investigation, named “Schwarzer Block”, the german cops  asked their counterparts in 15 EU countries to help them to identify 24 people.

In Italy, the police searched the flat of a man who has already been sentenced for taking part in  during the G20 summit.  A 27-year-old man was arrested in Switzerland, while French police continued with their hunt for a person for whom German state prosecutors have issued a European arrest warrant. In total, seven people were arrested during the raids. 

German activists called for solidarity with those effected by the recent raids.

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Image: Bastian Schumacher

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