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Spycop Inquiry: six more cover names released

Yesterday, the public inquiry into undercover policing published the cover names of six more officers from Britain’s political secret police units.

The newly released cover names are:

  • “David Robertson”. Groups: Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, Banner Books, 1970 – 1973
  • “Alan ‘Nick’ Nicholson”. Groups: British National Party, 1990 – 1991
  • “Jaqueline Anderson”. Groups: Reclaim the Streets, Earth First!, WOMBLES, 2000- 2005
  • “Ross ‘RossCo’ MacInnes”. Groups: United British Alliance, 2007
  • “David Hagan”. Groups: Socialist Workers Party, Class War, Movement Against the Monarchy, Movement for Justice. 1996 – 2001
  • “Bill Biggs” (dec’d). Groups: Socialist Workers Party. 1977 – 1982

One of the undercover, “Jaqueline Anderson”, was involved in Reclaim the Streets, Reclaim the Future I & II, Earth First!, and WOMBLES. She was around the The Radical Dairy: a social centre set up on Kynaston Road in Stoke Newington in 2002. Known as “Massage Jacky”, she disappeared around 2004.

One of people who met “Jaqueline Anderson”, speaking to Freedom News, said:

Jacky came across as an eager working class women that wanted to be involved in our squatted social centre at the time. We were trying to get involved in providing a space for events, fundraisers, cinema and a cafe amongst other things and she offered to run massage sessions as part of our programme of events. One time, outside of an anti-fascist benefit at Chats Palace, Homerton, I introduced her to “Carlo Neri” only for Jacky to say he was her flat mate, which surprised me at the time as she never mentioned she lived with someone we also knew as a political activist. After Jacky disappeared from that scene, but also during, there was suspicions she was an undercover cop. This suspicion grew after Carlo was exposed as an undercover cop. That conversation outside Chats Palace in 2002 was remembered, and photographs were compiled of Jacky.

There must have been 5-6 undercovers at any one time in close proximity, involved in inter-related scenes and campaigns.

Anybody wanting to share information about spycops, or is looking for advice on investigating a possible spy, can contact The Undercover Research Group here.


Photo: “Jaqueline Anderson” while undercover

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