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Anarchist Communist Group launches first public event

Following its founding last month new anarchist organisation the Anarchist Communist Group (ACG) has announced its first major public meeting will be taking place later this month.

The London in Struggle discussion at Mayday Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, on March 25th will focus on campaigns against Universal Credit, Land Justice and on initiatives to organise workers in west London.

The ACG, which was formed following a split in the Anarchist Federation (AF) late last year, has formed branches in London, Leicester and Surrey. Organisers have stressed that it does not intend to be oppositional or sectarian towards the AF, and there are plans to join the IAF, an anarchist-communist international grouping which the Anarchist Federation also belongs to.

In the preamble to its founding statement, ACG notes:

We are a revolutionary anarchist communist organisation made up of local groups and individuals who seek a complete transformation of society, and the creation of anarchist communism. This will mean the working class overthrowing capitalism, abolishing the State, getting rid of exploitation, hierarchies and oppressions, and halting the destruction of the environment.

To contribute to the building of a revolutionary anarchist movement we believe it is important to be organised. We are committed to building an effective national and international organisation that has a collective identity and works towards the common goal of anarchist communism, whilst at the same time working together with other working class organisations and in grass roots campaigns.

We do not see ourselves as the leaders of a revolutionary movement but part of a wider movement for revolutionary change. In addition, we strive to base all our current actions on the principles that will be the basis of the future society: mutual aid, solidarity, collective responsibility, individual freedom and autonomy, free association and federalism.

The group, which also contributes to cross-group anarchist freesheet Rebel City, plans to begin holding annual day schools, with the first to be organised for early November 2018 in London.

Enquiries can be sent to

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