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Italy: arson attack on CSA Magazzino47 Social Centre

Last night the fascists broke into CSA Magazzino47 social centre in Brescia, Italy, and set fire to it. They forced entry through a window and used gasoline to set the social centre bookshop on fire.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the attack or due to fire. The situation was quickly contained by a community center’s member who was the only person present during the attack. He called the fire brigade and, prior to their arrival, managed to promptly extinguish the flames before they could cause much more damage. However, there is a significant damage to the bookshop,  and some of social centre’s equipment and large amount of books have been destroyed.

CSA Magazzino47, in their statement regarding last night’s incident say:  ‘We can say with certainty that it was yet another attack of fascists and racists trying to sow a climate of racial hatred and intolerance in the city. That is why we react accordingly. With anger, determination and pride. We now declare a state of permanent anti- fascits mobilisation in the city.’

CSA Magazzino47 is a well established social centre occupied  since November 1993. It describes itself as ‘free space, open to critical thinking, alternative society and autonomous knowledge’. Solidarity to them.


Photo: CSA Magazzino47

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