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Lorry surfing farmer takes on Third Energy at Kirby Misperton

A local lorry-surfer provided the latest disruption to Third Energy today as the fracking front line remains febrile at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire.

The man, a farmer potentially affected by drilling which has in previous cases severely polluted groundwater, jumped onto the vehicle after a slow walk protest in the early afternoon.

Having set up Kirby Misperton Protection Camp, anti-fracking campaigners have had a torrid time of it with security men having attacked a slow walk blocking rig workers on their way to the KM8 well site on November 6th.

In a report from the day a KMPC supporter said:

At this time in the morning there is no police presence, members of the Next Level Security Services (NLSS) team took this as their chance to show their true colours.

I was thrown to the ground and into the hedge and ditches more times than I could count, as were some of the other protectors, especially the women. Another protector was forced into a stress position, with their head being smashed into the tarmac as a result, we were dragged about and thrown aside again for trying to help this protector after hearing cries of ‘I cant breathe’.

A few hours after these assaults took place, having dusted myself off, we went to the back of the KM8 well site. I was still quite shaken, and had no intention of engaging with the guards present. However, when one of them told my fellow protector that the rights and wrongs of violence against women was a matter of opinion I had to get involved.

Eventually a police vehicle did pass, you can see how they handled the situation and our reports of assault here:

There has been one arrest so far this month at Kirby, compared to around 40 in October.

The camp is looking for support and said in a callout:

We are all working very hard to have a presence at the gates of KM8. Please consider joining us for a few hours a week or helping at camp. No-one is expected to do anything that makes them uncomfortable but your very presence sends a clear message to Third Energy, our MP Kevin Hollinrake, NYCC and the government that #WeSaidNo.

Anyone wishing to come to Kirby Misperton Protection Camp by public transport, can be picked up from Malton Train Station. If you can give us at least one hour notice, it would be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be given here.


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