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Class War vs the Ripper Museum

As part of their ongoing campaign against the Jack the Ripper museum in  London, the Class War Women’s Death Brigade was back at its Cable Street building to call for its closure.

Photo journalist Peter Marshall notes:

They say the so-called ‘museum’ exploits violence against women, making money from images of sexually mutilated women, and encourages the attitudes that lead to violent sexual assaults like the recent attack on a 17 year old young woman in Tower Hamlets who was subjected to a number of rapes on the street and was found collapsed on the doorstep of one of the women taking part in the protest, who saved her from further assaults by calling the police.

The tourist attraction has failed to remove shutters and signage which were deemed illegal by Tower Hamlets council a year ago, including a poster which was partly ripped off the shop front in the protest. Patrick, dressed as Father Brannigan performed a series of exorcisms. One of two security guards standing in front of the shop roughly pushed several of the protesters who challenged the few visitors entering and leaving the shop. It took police half an hour to arrive and they argued with the protesters wanting them to move away from the shop but with little success.

Lisa Mckenzie gives a no-holds-barred address


“Father Brannigan” exorcises the dark forces of Satan from the Ripper Museum

Peter Marshall’s photos are available for commercial use via Alamy.


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