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Earth First! Summer Gathering starts this week

Environmental direct action movement Earth First! is celebrating 25 years since its first gathering in 1992 this week, as the Summer Moot begins setting up on Wednesday.

After a period of slow going in the early 2010s EF! has experienced something of an upsurge in interest over the last three years, with its sunny season gatherings drawing big crowds to camp and participate in more than a hundred workshops planned from August 9th-14th.

Headline topics for 2017 include the escalating conflict over fracking, ongoing spycop revelations, airport expansion at Heathrow and the campaign to shut coal-burning super-polluter Drax power station, alongside a huuge range of direct action workshops and community skillshares on everything from information security to wild yoga.

In this year’s introduction, EF! organisers said:

The last few years have seen a huge increase in interest in Earth First! with many new people, groups and workshops. This exciting resurgence of Earth First! In Britain is being driven by the growing threats from fracking, nuclear, bioenergy, GM, roadbuilding, incineration and more, which are focusing many people’s attention on the growing need to halt the destruction of our battered ecosystems and start repairing the damage that has already been done.

It’s a chance to act out a little of our vision: organising nonhierarchically, supporting each other, celebrating diversity within community, living sustainably and a DIY culture that supports both individual responsibility and collective action, that builds trust, mutual aid, respect and community, whilst enabling healthy debate and challenging discussion.


What’s on: A full programme of workshops is here and print version is here [pdf]. The print version also features essays and a lot of useful background information about the gathering and site.

Where: Colesdale Farm, Northaw Road West, Cuffley, Hertfordshire EN6 4QZ

How much: No-one will be turned away for lack of funds, but typically people are asked for a donation of between £15 and £50 according to what you can afford. Meals cost about £5 for the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) so people are also asked to cover that.

What to bring: tent, sleeping bag, torch, appropriate clothing and suchlike.

Smaller beings: Children are welcome, but there are limited spaces for animals so it’s wise to check ahead via

Food: This year’s EF! site is an all-vegan affair.

Main email:

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