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Turkey: It may be banned, but Meydan anarchist journal is still on the streets

Even with its editor jailed and a ban on circulation from the Erdogan government, anarchist journal Meydan is refusing to kneel and activists are continuing to sell it on the streets. The paper put out a scorching call to arms in its January issue and has continued the trend since.

Its March issue has for several years been put together entirely by women and is released a few days before International Women’s Day. This year includes powerful critiques of everything from the trend in advertising to insist that particular products are what make “strong women” to a harrowing piece on a State massacre being perpetrated in Koruköy

In an editorial statement, the Meydan team said:

Even with circulation banned by the Turkish government, activists from the Anarşist Kadınlar Collective (Anarchist Women) took to the streets of Istanbul to distribute the new edition (37) of the anarchist newspaper Meydan Gazetesi. In this issue, prepared entirely by women, different themes are dealt with, in particular the International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8th.

Recall that on December 22nd the editor of Meydan Gazetesi, Hüseyin Civan, was sentenced to one year and three months’ imprisonment on charges of “making propaganda for the methods of a terrorist organisation, constituting coercion, violence or threats through legitimation, exaltation, or stimulation of the use of these methods.” The authorities also banned the circulation of this newspaper.

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