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Appeal for Sam Mbah

Sam MbahSam Mbah is an anarchist activist from Nigeria who has, along with his political activism, written African Anarchism – a seminal work which examines the anti-authoritarian trends in pre-colonial African societies, as well as analysing the anarchist movement as it exists in Africa today. Our friends from Australia, Jura Books, have put out an appeal for donations as Sam is currently raising money for a life saving heart operation. The first lot of donations have already been sent, but any extra support would be much appreciated. Their appeal is reproduced below:

Sam Mbah is an anarchist author and activist from Nigeria. Jura has been in contact with Sam for some years. Jeremy, from the Jura Collective, spent time with him in 2012, interviewing him and setting up his blog.

Jeremy writes, “When I was in Nigeria in 2012, I sought out Sam Mbah and spent a couple of weeks getting to know him. Since then I’ve been in regular phone and email contact with him. He is an amazingly inspiring person. A veteran activist who was part of a (successful) movement against a dictatorship and who helped to build a 1,000-member anarchist organisation. Sam is also an anthropologist whose research on traditional African societies and their anarchistic elements is of great importance. His book ‘African Anarchism’ is excellent, and he hopes to publish more in the future. He is a beacon for anarchism in West Africa – a significant part of the world where anarchism could and should grow significantly. Even though monetary donations to an individual might not be the most preferable form of global solidarity, I think supporting Sam at this time is a very worthwhile project. I encourage all anarchists and fellow-travellers to make a donation if you can.”

Sam is now one of a small number of prominent anarchists in Nigeria – the third most populous English-speaking country in the world. He is of great significance to our global community. And he needs our help. His health has been deteriorating due to a heart condition. He needs an operation on his heart and is seeking to raise $12,000. Jura is helping to fundraise.

Fundraising update

Since the start of this fundraising drive, we have raised over $1,400 for Sam. Special thanks to: AK Press for publicising and to all donors so far: MN (Sweden $15), JM (USA $10), SC (Australia $25), SD (USA $25), AS (UK $10), LW (USA $20), SB (Germany $20), MT (Canada $25), KP (Canada $5), MM (USA $20), JJ (USA $100), JM (USA $5), KM (New Zealand $5), RS (Aust $50), CP (Aust $500), MV (Aust $100), JK (Aust $100), WT (Aust $120).

At the fundraising party we raised $378 for Sam. Special thanks to those who played – Clinic 13, Phil Linrage, Camilla Hill and Hence Therefore. Also to those who baked, came and donated.

Sam writes, “I continue to lose weight and experience general body weakness as a consequence of my heart condition. In the past three months, I have been working  to raise funds from friends and family, to be able to undertake a trip to India where I am billed to undergo heart surgery to replace the defective valves. So far, I have been able to raise USD15,000 out of the USD25,000 required for the trip, expected at the beginning of July this year. The amount covers my medical expenses as well as the round trip.

“I am still working to raise the outstanding balance and I wish to appeal to you and fellow comrades to assist me in raising part of it. No amount will be too big or too small. My appreciation goes to all our comrades around the world. Thank you all.

“My morale is boosted by the realisation that there are comrades and friends in distant places who are willing to contribute to arresting the situation before it deteriorates further. My family and I are gratified indeed.”

Please Donate Now

Please make a donation now – any amount would be appreciated. You can donate in cash at Jura, or by paypal, or by direct transfer into our bank account below. Please include the reference ‘Sam Mbah’ and let us know you’ve made the donation. We will send the money to Sam in one transfer in July.

Name: Jura Books Libertarian Labour
BSB number: 062193
Account number: 10204881

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