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“Farage Wave” earns man £250 worth of pints

Go on, buy Gary a pint!
Go on, buy Gary a pint!

A man who made an obscene gesture at the back of UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s head during a live BBC TV interview has been bought £250 worth of pints by fans via PayPal.

The PayPal fund was set up by the The Bell Inn in Bath, which hit the news on Tuesday when Farage was reprimanded after arriving there with a BBC film crew and attempting to record campaign footage.

Overwhelmed by the requests to “buy Gary a pint” from visitors to the pub who had seen the footage of the now infamous gesture, pub manager Jamie Matthews realised he was way past the point of lining them up behind the bar, and began to take donations online.

The pub’s website coins a catchy term for the gesture made by the man, a pub regular known only as Gary: “Due to popular demand we have set up a PayPal donation page for the originator of the Farage Wave.”

A 40-second clip of the “Wave” has had 3,370 hits at the time of writing. You can bump up that total by clicking here.

You can buy Gary a pint here.

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