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We’d like to thank the many people who have already helped us try and sort out the mess after the firebomb at the bookshop. With your help we will be back better than ever!

The clean-up continues on Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th and Friday 8th February from 1pm, so spread the word.

All welcome.

A lot of our stock was damaged in the firebomb attack and we appreciate any any help with re-stocking. Anyone wanting to donate books, magazines or pamphlets to the shop to help us get back on our feet, it’s probably best to wait until next week before bringing them down as by then we hope to have part of the shop fully functional and have some nice clean shelves to fill. We’ll be open during our normal shop opening hours.

There’s quite a bit of work still need to be done. If you’d like help us out financially, cheques or postal orders made payable to Freedom Press can be sent to Freedom Press, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX.

You can also help by ordering books through our website here and then emailing us at subs [at] to let us know that your purchase was a donation.

Check out the benefit events for Freedom Press coming up.

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