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Seasonal workers wildcat strike, take employer to tribunal

November 23rd: "They think we are ignorant and don't have a say.

Palestine Action strikes Foreign Office and occupy Leonardo

November 2nd: Today is the 106th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration

Beer punks and anarchist cafes: politics for profit

April 21st: Many could be forgiven for thinking it was a belated April Fools prank when, at the beginning of the month, Freedom Press released a statement reading that close to their premises in Whitechapel and out with their knowledge, the colossal Hilton hotel group had opened an upmarket cocktail bar bearing the name ‘Freedom Café’.

The “Ziegler” case: What does it mean for direct action?

September 7th: As the Stop The Arms Fair week of action gets into full swing, Carl Spender and Kat Hobbs take a look the story of a 4 year legal battle over a classic activist charge: wilful obstruction of the public highway.

Don’t want to get arrested before a demo? Then don’t publicise a plan to break the law!

June 27th: The raid on Animal/Extinction Rebellion’s warehouse shows why you shouldn’t publicly broadcast plans to break the law.

Prisoners respond with cheers to protest surrounding HMP Full Sutton

June 8th: Around fifty people descended on HMP Full Sutton, East Yorkshire, in a historic demonstration on Saturday 5th June.

100 years on, Kropotkin remains strikingly modern

February 8th: The centenary of Kropotkin’s death is a good time to return to the question he asked in Freedom in 1886: what must we do?

Legal News Digest: Nov-Dec 2020

December 10th: From the legislative war on sex workers to new rules governing criminal record disclosure, Carl Spender is here with a round-up of the last month’s legal news.

Government plans major crackdown on the right to protest

November 29th: The Conservative government is planning to introduce major changes to public order legislation to crack down on protests, under a new “Protection of the Police and Public Bill” planned for 2021.

Notes from the US

November 13th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.