Berlin: Refugee Movement Centre Evicted

January 11th: Gerhart-Hauptmann Schule, a school building in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district squatted in 2012 by a group of refugees and activists,  was evicted today.

Fortress Europe: a View From Its Eastern Border

January 3rd: European attention to the ongoing crisis of migration is mostly focused on the Mediterranean.

What We Can Expect From Alt Right in 2018

January 2nd: In the last few years, a new kind of fascism emerged in North America and Europe.

Guatemala: Q’anjob’al community win their fight against hated hydro-dam project

January 1st: After eight years of struggle, communities in Huehuetenango, Guatemala are celebrating a decision by Spanish company Ecoener-Hidralia to start shutting down its Hidro Santa-Cruz damming operations on the Q’am B’alam river near Santa Cruz Barillas.

Editor of Turkish anarchist paper jailed for “terror propaganda”

December 24th: The editor of Meydan Gazette in Istanbul was jailed for a year and three months on December 22nd for “propagandising the methods of a terror organisation” in a free-speech case which dragged on for nearly a year.

freedom mark

Arrests and tear gas as South African students protest for fee-free education

October 26th: Organisers with the South African Fees Must Fall student movement are reporting police brutality and dozens of arrests at today’s March to Parliament for Free Decolonized Education – part of a nationwide series of protests under the Fees Must Fall banner calling for the decolonising of education, an end to outsourcing and the scrapping of historic debts.

Dover sentencing and anti-fascist organising

July 24th: The Dover demonstration in January was the most violent anti-fascist action in Britain for many years.

No Reforming Earth Destruction

July 21st: “The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.”

Women in charge is not feminism: the fight against institutional patriarchy

July 16th: On a surface level, it seems as though feminism is winning the gender war.

A divided Kingdom: Thoughts on Brexit

June 25th: The not so United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU.